Gear pump (gear pump) industry ushered in a new opportunity

2019-05-27 13:01

Well-known pump (gear oil pump, screw pump, Marine centrifugal pump, rotor pump, special gear pump industry is dependent on the casting industry, as the environmental pollution is more and more serious in recent years, fog constantly harassed us, as Beijing, tianjin and hebei integration is put forward, as the base and the gear casting city botou city, hebei province, is experiencing pain, scraping the bone healing poison "potow casting" card potow a big city. The history of more than 1300 years has made "famous casting city" famous, and foshan, wuxi and known as "China's three major casting base." In recent years, the small scale of enterprises, poor production environment, smoke emissions and other problems have made this city card dust. In order to achieve green casting, the local government is encouraging enterprises to invest in research and development, carry out transformation and upgrading, and promote the industry to move from the low end to the middle and high end, with only 60 enterprises remaining.