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Continuously Improving And Advancing

About Us


Our company is a professional oil pump manufacturing enterprise in South Korea. Since its establishment in 1976, all employees have united and devoted all their efforts to the manufacturing of oil pumps. With a sense of achievement and confidence as the owner, we work hard to manufacture the best oil pumps.


Our company's products are exported to multiple countries around the world and have established a relatively leading position in the same industry. However, we are not satisfied with these achievements. In order to maintain the company image of Yalong, which is constantly evolving, constantly researching, improving quality, and thoroughly managing after-sales, all employees of the company take the accumulated technical advantages over the years as the foundation, and the highest purpose is to meet the various needs of customers, actively assuming social responsibility, Continuously strive to become a leading professional oil pump manufacturing enterprise in the industry.


Aron, widely recognized worldwide

Our company's products are now exported to multiple countries around the world and have passed international certification marks (CE, CSA, etc.), with our technical level widely recognized by countries around the world. We have passed ISO-9001 certification and strictly follow quality management procedures, making every effort to meet user requirements.


Aaron who insists on research

Yalong's company policy is not to sell more products, but to focus on the oil pump industry, continuously improving research and development technology, and manufacturing high-quality oil pumps.

In order to provide consumers with better oil pumps, Aaron's researchers continuously research and develop them. Based on this, all employees unite and work meticulously from manufacturing to inspection.

There is Yalong in the oil pump manufacturing industry.


Yalong Continuously Improving Quality and Thoroughly Implementing Aftersales Management

Yalong's quality policy is "complete customer satisfaction". From product production to thorough quality management and inspection, we strictly select qualified products to provide to users, and not only focus on sales as the ultimate goal, but also achieve "complete customer satisfaction" through perfect after-sales management.


In addition, Aaron always listens to the voices of customers, constantly improves and advances. So, I hope all friends can provide valuable feedback on Aaron's products. The opinions of all friends are the most important factor for our development and improvement.