Water supply drainage knowledge: the mechanical principle of oil pump pump

Release Time:

May 27,2019

The oil -absorbing and oil -absorbing pump is completed by the reciprocating movement of the plunger in the plunger. When the plunger is located in the lower position, the two oil holes on the plunger are opened, and the inner cavity of the plunger is connected to the oil channel in the pump body. The fuel is quickly filled with the oil chamber. When the camp up on the roller on the roller body, the plunger rises. From the beginning of the plunger to the upward movement before the oil hole is blocked by the upper end of the plunger. During this period, due to the movement of the plunger, the fuel was squeezed out of the oil chamber and flowed to the fuel channel. So this lift is called a pre -journey. When the plunger blocked the oil hole, the oil began to press the oil. The plunger rose sharply in the oil indoor oil pressure. When the pressure exceeds the spring elasticity of the oil valve and the upper oil pressure, the oil valve is opened, and the fuel is pressed into the oil pipe and sent to the fuel injection.